Feb. 11th, 2008

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so it's been a while since i wrote here. i don't even feel like looking to see how long. i've been mostly unemployed since early August, because the job market has been ugly, ugly, UGLY. in the intervening time, i lived off the meager cushion i'd saved up for a bit and then started doing odd jobs, sometimes very odd.

i've done web design for a phone sex company and an EFT therapist (in the form of the same person) and also written up seminar materials for her. (and where are you, anyway? i haven't heard for ages and i never got a copy of that brochure back to you!) that got me through about a month and a half.

i discovered that no one will hire me for office work because i'm so overqualified they assume i'll quit the moment i find something better. (and they're right.) so i found a job working 32 hours a week in a garden center, which pays *barely* enough for me to survive on, and didn't come quite soon enough for me to avoid borrowing money for February rent. i'll be getting a dollar an hour raise once my 30-day probationary period is up, which will be at least a slightly larger pittance.

the garden center is fun, but backbreaking; i spend both my days off recuperating from the 10.5 hour Saturday marathon. which is okay, because i'm not really in a position to socialize. it's not entirely that i don't want to, although i am, of course, still digging my way out of the hermit rut. i had to drop out of the RPG campaign i was in because i have to get up so early for my job that i can't stay out that late. (and right now every drop of gas is precious.)

it's mostly, though, that i'm hesitant to call people when i can't afford to go do anything anyway. while my friends here have been incredibly generous, i've accepted more charity than my pride can stand already. and i've never been comfortable inviting myself to other people's houses.

but i can't invite anyone over here because Daddy-O has been expressing his displeasure over the IV fluids I have to give him once a week (in addition to his heart medication) by using the living room as a toilet, and i can't afford enough Nature's Miracle to get the stink out of the carpet. as it is, i'm going to have to rip up that whole corner and replace the padding because there's not enough Nature's Miracle in the world to deal with that much accumulated cat pee.

so i'm kind of stuck. go to work, come home, fall over, consider socializing despite how tired i am, decide i can't afford it, play sims2 instead. (i have lots of adorable new sims, though. you can see them at my flickr account.)

i've been getting a couple of leads a week on tech writing jobs, but so far nothing that's panned out. so if you're in austin and you know of any open tech writer positions, let me know. (or anywhere, if they'll pay relocation costs -- i don't really care where i am at this point as long as i can get a fucking JOB.)


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