May. 14th, 2008

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work is pretty much EXTREME BOREDOM CHALLENGE at the moment. they've got plenty for me to do, it's just that they're too busy to actually set me up to do any of it, so in nearly three weeks i've done maybe six hours of work total. i spend the rest of my time goofing off online, which isn't nearly as fun as it sounds when you have NOTHING ELSE TO DO.

i'm still feeling really low-energy. i'm hoping once i have real work to do it'll energize me a bit, but right now my routine is basically get up, go to work, go home, eat the quickest thing i can manage, read for an hour, fall asleep.

iceberg continues to be ultra-whiny, but otherwise fine.

money will continue to be tight until i get paycheck #3 in early June; paycheck #2 will be going to rent, a traffic ticket, and catching up on bills. still, i can at least spend a little money now to eat a bit better than i have been. now if i just had the energy to actually cook. night before last i was so tired when i got home that instead of cooking the salmon i'd bought, i ate it as sashimi. (it was previously frozen, never fear.)

i want to learn to make real sushi. sashimi isn't as satisfying to me as nigiri sushi; the combination of fish and rice is very soothing to my stomach. it's a good option when i'm feeling anxious, but i can't afford to be eating out much, particularly not things like sushi.

today there was a spectacular show of lightning on my way to work. it was really beautiful, even if it did make NPR keep cutting in and out.

i need a haircut.
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well, that was a nice 4 hours of work. i wonder when i'll get to do some more.

the previous writer sucked giant festering donkey dick, but this should surprise no one. the previous writer ALWAYS sucks giant festering donkey dick. and in this case, it's not just bad writing (though it's very bad), it's missing words, flagrant typos, and a complete ignorance of tech writing conventions. the guy knew OpenOffice really well, but that appears to have been his only actual skill.

(yes, i'm working in OpenOffice. at least it's not Word.)


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