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let me just say that when your prescription charge is so high that the drugstore has to run it as two separate transactions because their system isn't set up to handle that kind of money, and that wasn't even all of them, you're entitled to be fucking cranky, yo. yes, in fact, sans insurance, my psych meds per month cost just about the same as my rent. )

i just found two errors on my resume. one of them no one but me will recognize, but the other (two sections out of order) would be caught by anyone as nitpicky as i am. neither was caught by any of the people i asked to proofread my resume. i figure i'm probably ok. (but i'm fixing them both.)

i have a phone interview tomorrow, with the company [ profile] amywithani works for. cross your fingers for me. especially considering their reputation letting months and/or years (no lie) pass between interviews and offers. does anyone know a tactful way to say "and by the way, i hear you take forever to hire people, but i'd really appreciate it if you could make me an offer while i still have an address?"

my only other lead so far is that my favorite teller down at the bank slipped me an application and said they're hiring some part-time tellers right now. i'd totally go for it except it's not such a great idea to take a job with your own bank branch and then quit a month later when you get a real job. they know where i keep my money! still, mad props to Teresita. whatever that means. i just realized i have no idea what that means. i get the "mad" part, but what the hell is "props?" is that short for "AttributionDammit?" jesus christ, i'm old. i have no idea who's on the radio and i can't decipher the slang. i'd better get some more tattoos so i can at least get respect on the ink front. that'll be especially important once i'm living in my car.

i'd claim my life is half over but i'll never get that lucky -- longevity (and cynicism) runs on both sides of my family; as my dad likes to say, "we enjoy our poor health well into our old age." i figure i'll go 90, 92 at a minimum, unless they legalize voluntary euthanasia by then. so vote Democrat, or you can count on 50+ more years of my whining.

also, i have discovered the best personal ad ever.


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