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i thought i'd check out the personals in Austin craigslist. i'm pleased to report that they're just as bizarre as the ones for San Francisco.

also, however, this. heh.
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Are you from Argentina? I get a tattoo, you get $1000
Busco una mujer de Argentina, con una pasaporte de su pais, entre 18 y 29 anos. The best looking candidate will be chosen to watch me have her name tattooed on my ass with my friends (my 30th birthday) on Saturday, and will recieve a $1000 prize.

The winner will be offered an additional $10,000 if she has my name tattooed on her ass.

first thought: WOW that's stupid.
second thought: these guys are the very definition of what's wrong with this country. with millions starving all over the world, they want to give some random Argentinian chick $10k if she'll have some loser fratboy's name tattooed on her ass?
third thought: they really ought to pitch this to the networks. they could probably spin it into a reality series.
fourth thought: it would still be revolting.
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Single Blue Bike seeks someone to ride her

[ profile] dglenn will find this especially delightful, i think. especially the winner of the poetry contest. yes, there's a poetry contest. go read it. it's wonderful. positively joyous, in fact.
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this could have happened to [ profile] hwrnmnbsol! there but for the grace of FSM...
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MC with three-legged guy in mid-town bathroom (& my dignity) - W4M - 25

this ad is fucking beautiful. i hope she finds the guy. text reproduced below in case the ad goes away, since i know they prune best-of periodically.

okay, I've sunk this low. )
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missed connections can be so charmingly odd:

Bonny Doon nude beach Sunday - m4w -- "Sorry about the erection..."
you were in a wet suit.. and from siberia
I lie in wait aka 24
the girl at balboa theater on saturday noon
I crashed down..

and sometimes sad:

lost Hannah, Spring of Israel, for heroin

and sometimes they just make you clutch your head like a stunned monkey:

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apparently i'm especially bored lately, because yesterday i posted another personal to craigslist. in this one, i expressed an interest in finding an old-fashioned, hardcore geek. the sort who has an opinion between emacs and vi, and predates the great renaming. i specified, in particular, that he be familiar with both sturgeon's and godwin's laws.

this morning, i got a response.

from mike godwin.

i actually know mike from the old days, but never met him in person. and his response, of course, was simply to compliment me on my exacting standards.
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Ninja seeks others.

mammals, you know. they like to band together.
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and on a lighter note: the fuck is wrong with you m4m )

but do not fear. romance is still alive: Still Looking for my Costco Beauty m4w )


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