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OK, you asked for it. I'm rusty, so this probably won't be as entertaining as one might hope.

So. I watch a lot of dorama, which is what the Japanese call TV dramas. It's not actually exclusively Japanese -- I also watch Korean and Taiwanese dramas. (I'd watch others but it's nearly impossible to find them with English subtitles.) Asian dramas don't usually run from season to season like ours do. They last for a certain number of episodes, and the storyline is wrapped up at the end. If the show is especially popular there may be a second or even third season, but they don't leave you with evil cliffhangers like American TV, which is one of the thing I appreciate about them. Japanese dramas are the shortest, usually lasting from 10-12 episodes, whereas Korean and Taiwanese ones often go as many as 17 episodes.

Most recently I watched a j-drama called Galileo, which is about an eccentric genius physicist who helps the police investigate mysterious crimes. Think Numbers meets X-Files. The crimes he helps investigate always involve what appears to be a supernatural phenomenon; that's the only aspect he cares about, but somehow he always ends up solving the case in the process anyway.

They jump the shark three minutes into the first episode. )
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  1. dorama fix
  2. evil clown
  3. hilarity ensues

p.s.: fucking adorable

p.p.s.: shorts thief?!

p.p.p.s.: panty sniffing!


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