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Nebraska state senator sues God; God counterfiles. This news story must be preserved for posterity, so I'll paste the whole thing in behind the cut: )

this is the most brilliant lawsuit in the history of ever. i'm in awe of senator chambers, and want him to run for president. and whoever's behind god's filing is a fucking genius too. beautiful, just fucking beautiful. the world needs more stuff like this.

in other news, i seem to have leveled off somewhere just above crush depth. i have socialized and actually enjoyed it, i saw an amazing show by James McMurtry last night (and if you haven't heard him you really, really need to), i've actually kept my apartment about as clean as it was when Matt and Susan were done with it, and i've reverted from the unsettling state of actually wanting to die to my more usual routine of just not caring one way or the other. i'm not accomplishing everything i need to, but i'm at least maintaining a bare minimum of functionality and trying to work out a plan to make sure i manage to do certain things every day.

for example, bathing. )

anyway, yeah. that's about where i'm at right now.


Aug. 22nd, 2007 01:48 am
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...barely. depression blah blah nonfunctional blah blah etc.

i need to work out how long i can leave the fridge unplugged without my milk spoiling, since that's about how long i'll be able to record at a stretch. my brother (with whom i have never, ever played music before) and i are trying to do some long-distance collaboration, which i'm actually about as psyched about as it's possible for me to be.

admittedly, that isn't saying much in my current state, but i did manage to pull sufficiently out of my torpor to hook up the mixer and do a test run in the astonishing space of only three days. (this involved opening a suitcase, finding two adapters, and hooking up three cables. i know! i'm practically a SPEED DEMON!)

or was it four days? i lose track of time a lot. and i'm pretty sure i haven't eaten today, so i should probably do that.

i desperately need someone to drag me out of the house for a bit. (note: may require actual physical dragging.)
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so. my job is done. i feel crappy about how much my depression interfered -- i'm fairly proud of the final product, but it could've been significantly better if i hadn't lost so much time. and i'd have liked the chance to work there again. they've got a great team, and a really cool product, which i still can't tell you about. (i'll let you know when i can, because it's just that cool.) but i screwed up any possibility of that with my emo. again.

and now, a pointless and completely unsurprising meme. )


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