May. 26th, 2007 12:06 pm
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yesterday morning, the vet who called to update me on Daddy-O interrupted his own report to say "GREAT cat!" the report itself was excellent: Daddy-O was doing absolutely fine.

this morning, he said Daddy-O is a sweet cat, and that his appetite is great -- "In fact, he was ready to beat me up if I didn't fill his dish in time."

yeah, that's my Daddy-O, all right. apparently that's a good sign, though -- some cats don't feel well after the treatment and don't want to eat. Daddy-O continues to charm, as well as irradiate, all who come in contact with him.

in other news, most of my plants are doing very poorly and i'm not sure why. my lavender is drooping, my curry plant is dying, my rosemary and holy basil are all mottled and yellowy, my sage is just plain dead, and my sweet basil is dropping leaves. both varieties of thyme are still flourishing, though.

i have a bunch of tiny sorrel sproutlets now, and two of my beans sprouted yesterday -- one of them is already six inches tall today! i'm beginning to understand where the story about Jack and the Beanstalk came from, because damn, those things grow fast! i'm looking forward to lots of fresh lima beans this summer.

i've actually made it as far as bathing and getting dressed, so perhaps i'll manage to make it out to Home Depot for some more pots and soil; i need to transplant the sorrel sprouts, and i'm going to have to replace my sage. things seem to sprout quickly enough here that i'm going to just pick up seeds for oregano and marjoram, and i think i'm going to buy a new rosemary as well -- the one i have isn't my preferred variety anyway. it's the upright sort, and i find it's better to use the trailing kind if you're going to be cutting from it randomly. the upright kind gets woody stems very quickly; rosemary only grows new branches if you cut from green stems.

i wish i could figure out what's going wrong with the rest of the herbs. maybe i need to water them more often, maybe they need more direct sun... i tried giving them some Miracle Gro last weekend and it didn't help at all.

i know some plants like tea leaves and coffee grounds, maybe i'll try that next.

in completely unrelated news, today i got the most awesome spam subject ever: 'righteous necromancer'. is that a kickass name for a heavy metal band, or what?
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i got nature on me today. it made me scream like a little girl. )


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