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Some of you may remember that back when I lived in Charlotte, I had a friend named Mike, better known to Usenet as "Mike the Homeless Guitarist". At the time I met him he was living out of a 70s vintage Monte Carlo left to him by his grandmother, and he spent some time on my couch as well before I left for the west coast. I even got a halfway decent song out of him.

However, we lost touch once I got to California, and it's hard to track down an itinerant musician from 3000 miles away. Still, I held out hope that he'd get on the net one day and I'd stumble across him.

Instead, he stumbled across me... )
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it's been suggested many times that if everyone (or most people) went armed, there would be no crime (or there would be much less of it). more than one person has told me that they might be in favor of making it mandatory for everyone to carry a gun. and, of course, people will inevitably speculate about whether mass shooters like today's could have been stopped if someone else present had a gun.

i'm not here to speculate about any of that, and i'm asking you not to do it either, or to use a comment on this post as a forum to promote your views on gun legality. (i'll be screening comments, and i'll delete anything i consider too preachy or ranty. i'm serious, i really don't want a flamewar over gun laws in my lj. i was going to say i know this is a religious issue for some people, but then i realized my friends are, in general, more likely to be tolerant of different religious beliefs than of different political ones.)

anyway, i'm curious: if it were legal and/or encouraged, how many people would actually carry guns? maybe i'm completely wrong, but i think most people don't actually want guns, and i predict the results of this completely unscientific poll of a highly intellectual, liberal-leaning audience will bear that out.

how the answer to that question should affect the legality of guns is an interesting question, and one of which i'll allow discussion as long as it remains polite.

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