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i was supposed to know about the job last monday. then last wednesday, thursday at the latest. then by the end of friday. then today. now they swear they really really mean it, i'll know by noon tomorrow. i'm assured that they're "pretty sure" they're going to hire me, that they want to hire two people and i'm one of the two top candidates, and they're hoping to hire us both. which i take to mean that if they can't, i won't be the one. but either way, i'll know by noon tomorrow. no, really, they mean it this time! or so they say.

in much better news, i spoke to the manager over at the apartment i want so much, and he says as far as he's concerned it's mine, he'll hold it for me until the current tenant moves out at the end of the month, and i can sign a lease as soon as i can provide proof of income. (and it's a cheap apartment; if i don't get the contract thing, any old temp assignment will do.) so basically, i have the apartment, because there's no way i can't at least get a job at Starbuck's or whatever by the end of the month.

i get the apartment! the apartment is mine! mineminemineminemine! i calculate these developments to be 47% less suck overall. if i get the contract, of course, we'll be up to 83% less suck, leaving only the trivial matters of acquiring furniture and SNTF.
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okay, i need everyone to send their good vibes my way. i'm waiting to hear back about both a job and an apartment that i really want, and i'm just about beside myself with anticipation. i should know all by the end of this week. i've got a few other job leads i'm working, but i'm hoping i won't have to bother.

the job is doing doc for the software configuration tool for a single-chip voltage regulator/power thingy that seems to have some pretty amazing potential. everyone i talked to there was supercool and i happen to know i'm the personnel manager's #1 choice (shhh, i'm not supposed to know but the recruiter forwarded me her very enthusiastic email), but of course she's not the one who gets to make the final decision.

the apartment is on a quiet little side street that connects S. 1st and S. Congress, north of Ben White and south of Oltorf. it's a little scruffy but the complex has personality and is surrounded by big beautiful trees. the layout is workable (especially the kitchen/dining room, which has windows on both ends!), and the manager is very nice and laid back and has an awesome kitty named Sassy who just loooooooves attention. i pulled over on my way out and asked a pedestrian about the neighborhood, and she said she'd been living there for months and never had any problems. i'd be near major bus lines, and it's only 10 minutes from downtown. (easy commute to the potential job, too.) it's right on target for my budget, $495/month, and has the lowest pet deposit i've yet found in Austin, so the move-in costs wouldn't be too high. it comes open the first week of April.

there is some evidence that my luck is good this week -- i got approved for Lilly's patient assistance program and they're sending a 3-month supply of Cymbalta free of charge -- so if i can keep the streak going, my life will have 85% less suck by the end of the week. cross your fingers, send your vibes, give offerings to your deity of choice, and generally wish me luck, because i really, really want this to work out.


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