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"Find a piece of artwork that represents where you'd most like to be, right now. Post in your LJ with the header, 'I wish I were here'. Invite others to do the same, should they choose."

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1. Think of the first word that comes to mind when you think of me.

2. Go to Google Images and search for that word.

3. Reply to this post with one of the pictures on the first page of results (don't tell me the word).

4. Put this in your own journal so that I can do the same.
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so. my job is done. i feel crappy about how much my depression interfered -- i'm fairly proud of the final product, but it could've been significantly better if i hadn't lost so much time. and i'd have liked the chance to work there again. they've got a great team, and a really cool product, which i still can't tell you about. (i'll let you know when i can, because it's just that cool.) but i screwed up any possibility of that with my emo. again.

and now, a pointless and completely unsurprising meme. )
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a couple of quotations from your own favorite writers. These should be people you read over and over again, not people who had one great idea; go ahead and do it from memory, mistakes and all.

but all the same
i wish there was something i wanted
as badly as he wanted to fry himself
-- Don Marquis

She was a heavy-lidded woman, sinfully trailing the scent of moist, but dying, camellias.
-- Thorne Smith
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go ahead. i can take it.
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[ profile] kosmonaut_blog made the observation that now that people rarely write letters (or much of anything else) longhand anymore, we no longer know what each other's handwriting looks like. and, she says, you can learn a lot about a person from their handwriting. which i think is true.

so anyway, she's started a handwriting meme. and here's mine:

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this doesn't surprise me at all:
Your Brain Usage Profile:

Auditory : 80%
Visual : 20%
Left : 75%
Right : 25%

in-depth analysis behind the cut: )

take the quiz yourself!


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