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just to prove SimYaoi isn't my only hobby, here's a sim of a completely different sort: Sashá, son of Sahar. he's my very favorite alien.

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Kyan: "Oh my god, you're the gayest gay boy in gaytown!"
Dale: "And the prettiest. Your point being...?"

i think Dale might actually like going to prison.
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i've entered a contest on a sims fan site for Mr. Teen USA. the idea is to make a sim and get screenshots of him to the contest specs.

meet Kyan Townshend. isn't he just adorable?


i've made it to round 2, which ends at noon tomorrow, and i have to provide three shots of him doing his typical after-school activities. i've got pix for one right now -- him jamming with his rock star dad.

i'd be much obliged if people could take a look at my set of contest shots and comment on which you think is/are the best. (the first three shots in the set were for round one, wihch is already over and done with.) i'm diving back into the game in a few minutes, so there should be more appearing as the afternoon/evening wears on.

help me win! it's completely pointless, but it is a lot of fun.
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more sims pics are up here, for those of you who enjoy that sort of thing. as a preview, here's my current favorite male sim, Ioain Fae:
Ioain Fae.
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ladies and gentlemen, i present to you: SimCthulhu.
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at least my sims have love lives. )

oh my god

Jul. 11th, 2005 06:47 pm
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they're so cute together i can't stand it:

and yes, as a matter of fact, he's sitting in her lap.
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by request: Liam's tattoos. they look better when he's standing in a more neutral position, but this one allows you to see *almost* everything. there are actually three blue stars on his right forearm, and look carefully at the shot of his back -- you can see the nekkid chick on his left forearm from there.

i wanted to add more, but i just ran out of patience.
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today i brought a new sim into my game. his name is Liam. )


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