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Horace Goldstein wore a yarmulke under his military beret. Lucia wouldn't have guessed that the smooth-talking mercenary believed in anything at all, but she was to discover that Horace was full of surprises.

They'd met in a smoky bar in Algiers' marine quarter. Unexpectedly holding up his end of a conversation about Phoenician architecture, he'd charmed his way into her bed despite her reservations.

She didn't share her mother's gift for premonition, so she couldn't know that before the year was out, she'd be leading a bloody coup in the western Sahara with freedom fighters from the Polisario Front.

He's a suave Jewish Green Beret gone bad. She's a radical gypsy archaeologist with an incredible destiny. They fight crime!

(okay, it's not very good, but once i got the first sentence i couldn't stop myself.)
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you can't make this shit up: Sea mammals are best line of defense against sea attacks, U.S. Navy says.
Animal rights activists are resisting Navy plans to ship the dolphins and sea lions to Washington state. They worry that waters in the region, which are about 10 degrees Fahrenheit (6 degrees Celsius) cooler than in San Diego Harbor, could put stress on the animals. They also are concerned diseases could be transmitted to the area's native orca population.

"There are no bottlenose dolphins in these waters for a reason and I would say it's because it's too darn cold," said Seattle-area marine biologist Toni Frohoff.

Protesters showed up at public meetings held by the Navy in the Seattle area to discuss the Navy's plan. Several of them knitted woolly hats and sailor uniforms for the animals as a way of drawing attention to the issue -- costumes that could never actually be worn.

"People contributed some handsome hats, and there's talk of mittens," said Knitting for Dolphins member Janet Bailey.

but the very, very best quote:
"We have never trained any Navy marine mammals to do any harming, attacking or stabbing," Navy spokesman Tom LaPuzza said. "We have never done anything like that, and we never will."

Vonnegut's fucking with our reality from the grave, isn't he?

in other surreal or otherwise peculiar news:

and just for fun, here's a great picture of a crocodile with a guy's arm in its mouth. just the arm. (not for the squeamish)
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in Berlin, a 95-year-old woman caught a mysterious nursing home thief by setting a trap and hiding in the bathroom.

i love crime-fighting grannies.
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"Take your hand off my ass before I turn it into BBQ," Syd growled. Alabaster Idol or no Alabaster Idol, I'm ready to toast this flake.

"Sorry," he muttered. "You had some ectoplasm."

"Davies, did you forget your Haldol again?"

"No. Did you?"

His hand shook as he lifted his Thermos. He's hallucinating, she thought. Too little medication, or too much coffee?

"Quitzicumbi requires a pure vessel for His divine seed," she reminded him.

"So you're really going to fuck this statue?" He snorted. "You're crazier than I am."

She smiled. "A hard Mayan is good to find."

He's an oversexed coffee-fuelled paranormal investigator who must take medication to keep him sane. She's a psychotic tomboy archaeologist with a flame-thrower. They Fight Crime!
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"The PCs are fabulously wealthy dominatrixes in the court of Louis XIV who, with nothing on except a smile, fight a nefarious scheme for the right to party in the Age of Enlightenment."

if that's not a porn movie waiting to happen, i don't know what is. thank you, In This RPG....
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i found a few old talk.bizarre posts of mine in a forgotten directory on my desktop machine and thought they were worth sharing.

200 words: they fight crime! )


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