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Jun. 8th, 2008 03:27 pm
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one: i've seen actor commentaries, i've seen director commentaries... but producer commentaries? why? who the fuck cares? (the guilty movie: X-Men 3, which was actually pretty decent otherwise, although the director/writer commentary was worthless too, unless you get into a lot of "this is great," "this is great too," "dumb joke," "dumber joke," "this is great.")

two: i realize that the documentary market is getting a bit played out, what with so many documentary channels out there, but honestly -- Nova: Absolute Zero, the history of refrigeration? and yet nobody has done a good documentary about Paganini.

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funniest tattoo i've seen in years. look carefully, now.

i especially like how the unicorn couldn't wait till after for a cigarette.

this one's pretty good too: )
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Nebraska state senator sues God; God counterfiles. This news story must be preserved for posterity, so I'll paste the whole thing in behind the cut: )

this is the most brilliant lawsuit in the history of ever. i'm in awe of senator chambers, and want him to run for president. and whoever's behind god's filing is a fucking genius too. beautiful, just fucking beautiful. the world needs more stuff like this.

in other news, i seem to have leveled off somewhere just above crush depth. i have socialized and actually enjoyed it, i saw an amazing show by James McMurtry last night (and if you haven't heard him you really, really need to), i've actually kept my apartment about as clean as it was when Matt and Susan were done with it, and i've reverted from the unsettling state of actually wanting to die to my more usual routine of just not caring one way or the other. i'm not accomplishing everything i need to, but i'm at least maintaining a bare minimum of functionality and trying to work out a plan to make sure i manage to do certain things every day.

for example, bathing. )

anyway, yeah. that's about where i'm at right now.
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in Lincoln, Nebraska, the judge in a rape case has, on the request of the defendant's lawyers, forbidden the alleged victim or her lawyers to use the words 'rape', 'rape kit', 'victim', etc., for fear it will unfairly prejudice the jury against the defendant. link to the story here.

i'd love to go off on a rant about this, but i'm actually speechless.

in other appalling news, female genital mutilation is a growing problem in Great Britain, thanks to the increasing numbers of African immigrants. oh, wait, maybe i shouldn't use the words 'genital', 'mutilation', or 'African', for fear of unfairly prejudicing my readers.

i think i'll just go sit in a corner and clutch my head like a stunned monkey now, ok?
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let us give thanks this week that we live in the United States, the greatest country in the world, where our Constitution guarantees us the right to guns, speedy trials, and lap dances for all!

even as an atheist, what can i possibly say but god bless America?
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i have no words: 68% of Republicans don't believe in evolution.

once you're done crying over that, you can cheer up by reading about the time the US military tried to build a gay bomb.


Jun. 8th, 2007 07:27 pm
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...and then he said, "so, have you gotten to interleaving yet?"

and i said, "well, i know it has to do with clock synchronization, but that's about as far in as i've been."

and he said, "well, basically, there's something like 102, or 108, or something combinations to represent 16 states."

and that was when my head exploded.
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because who hasn't needed to know the Finnish for "Wait... let me shave it off."
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courtesy of [ profile] haineux, who is really living up to his name today, one of the most appalling recipes i've ever encountered: Bacon Snack Bars.

because what could be better for body and soul than a snack made from bacon, peanut butter, Tang, breakfast cereal, refined sugar, and corn syrup?

i mean, other than rat poison.

(yes, i've already seen the Gallery of Regrettable Food.)

oh, for --

Apr. 19th, 2007 05:29 pm
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36 California schools are under lockdown after a man phoned in a threat. from the article:
Sutter County said Carney had no known address, but court records listed an address on Jamie Drive in Yuba City when he was arrested on felony domestic violence charges April 4 in Yuba City, about 50 miles north of Sacramento.

It was not immediately clear why Carney, who Parker said had a long criminal record, was free after that arrest.

Parker said Carney “was exhibiting symptoms of methamphetamine psychosis” and was several pounds lighter than he appeared in a recent arrest photograph because of methamphetamine abuse.

if we can't keep repeat felony offenders with amphetamine psychosis locked up, who the hell can we keep locked up?
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McCain sings "Bomb bomb, bomb bomb Iran" at a town hall meeting in South Carolina.

perhaps i'm just being hypersensitive, but isn't this slightly inappropriate behavior for a US senator?
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the other night on NPR they aired Bush's comments, and one of the things he said really pissed me off:
"These people had done nothing to deserve what happened to them."

um... isn't that self-evident? are there people who deserve to be the victims of random psychotic violence? what the fuck?
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you can't make this shit up: Sea mammals are best line of defense against sea attacks, U.S. Navy says.
Animal rights activists are resisting Navy plans to ship the dolphins and sea lions to Washington state. They worry that waters in the region, which are about 10 degrees Fahrenheit (6 degrees Celsius) cooler than in San Diego Harbor, could put stress on the animals. They also are concerned diseases could be transmitted to the area's native orca population.

"There are no bottlenose dolphins in these waters for a reason and I would say it's because it's too darn cold," said Seattle-area marine biologist Toni Frohoff.

Protesters showed up at public meetings held by the Navy in the Seattle area to discuss the Navy's plan. Several of them knitted woolly hats and sailor uniforms for the animals as a way of drawing attention to the issue -- costumes that could never actually be worn.

"People contributed some handsome hats, and there's talk of mittens," said Knitting for Dolphins member Janet Bailey.

but the very, very best quote:
"We have never trained any Navy marine mammals to do any harming, attacking or stabbing," Navy spokesman Tom LaPuzza said. "We have never done anything like that, and we never will."

Vonnegut's fucking with our reality from the grave, isn't he?

in other surreal or otherwise peculiar news:

and just for fun, here's a great picture of a crocodile with a guy's arm in its mouth. just the arm. (not for the squeamish)
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From AP:
COLUMBIA, S.C. - A state Senate panel on Thursday dropped a measure from an abortion bill that would have made South Carolina the only state to require women to review an ultrasound image of the fetus before terminating a pregnancy.

Under the new proposal, a doctor would be required to tell a woman she has a right to have an ultrasound and see the images.

well. that's less ridiculous, at least.
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via [ profile] jonquil: American Airlines launches a new page just for women. initially, it was pink, but they've changed the color -- however, they've still left off most of the functionality in the flight search box. because i guess us gals are just too stupid to understand difficult concepts like number of passengers, or how many hops the flight takes. but hey! they've added important stuff, like tips on how to choose an efficient travel wardrobe! what's not to like?

am i just confused? i could've sworn it was 2007 when i woke up this morning, not 1957.
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let me get this straight: they put Keith Richards in a movie, and now they're worried he might do something crazy and create bad publicity?

it's Keith fucking Richards, people. the man has taken so many drugs that you wouldn't need to mix his ashes with coke to get high snorting them. and you expect him to comport himself in a kid-friendly fashion?
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here's what i don't understand: why wasn't this guy already in prison for life? what does it say about us as a society that we give a guy 13 years (of which he served only half) for drugging his own son, dousing him with kerosene, and setting him on fire, but we can't give him 25 to life until we catch him with a gun he's not supposed to have, and even then we have to argue about it for years first?

i don't know about you, but i'd much rather have people walking around with illegal guns than setting their kids on fire. is that weird? is the logic here that the guy wasn't considered a real danger to society at large before because it was only his own kid he wanted to kill, or what? because it seems to me that someone crazy enough to burn his own child is pretty goddamned dangerous. but again, maybe that's just me.
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just for [ profile] valkyrie_kitten, via [ profile] 2wanda: Meat Cake!

for everybody else, Maggot Paintings. no, that's not paintings of maggots. it's paintings by maggots.

also, Keith Richards snorted his father's ashes. which is not so much a case of "you can't make this shit up" as "you don't have to make this shit up."

and this is just turning into one of those weird news entries, but a New Jersey judge has ruled that it's not illegal to drive a zamboni while drunk. which has now become one of my life's great ambitions.


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