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Jun. 14th, 2010 05:51 pm
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seen today in the grocery:

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...but if you're on Second Life, you can find me there as Maudite Carpaccio.
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usually my mother sends me a check for xmas, but every once in a while she sends an actual object, generally some cheap-ass crap she had lying around unsold from her flea market period (i recall a pair of silvertone plastic earrings, for example). this year, she was evidently moved to actually buy me something.

upon opening the fateful box, i was rendered speechless with horror:

the photo flatters it *considerably*. the workmanship is appalling and it's nearly a foot long.

merry xmas, everybody!


Nov. 13th, 2008 11:05 am
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I *had* been extended through the end of the year, but they ran out of money for me in the budget, so yesterday I got the word that tomorrow will be my last day at IBM. Fortunately, I've saved up enough to carry me for about 4 months. I just hope it'll be enough. Considering that it took me 9 months to find work last time, I'm not too sanguine.
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I've watched several doramas lately, and haven't felt up to recapping them, but I felt the need to mention the very charming one I'm watching now. It's called Suika, and it's about a boarding house and the peculiar residents thereof. The summary on d-addicts does a fairly good job of describing it, but doesn't capture the pure weirdness that makes it so wonderful. And for me to explain the weirdness would take forever. So I'll just say this: it's a Japanese TV show with mariachi music as the theme song, and in the second episode a grown man cries because someone took off his toenail polish while he was sleeping. That, I think, is the best I can possibly do.


Sep. 25th, 2008 02:03 pm
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So I keep hearing Republicans -- and now Britney Spears, of all people -- complaining that there's too much media focus on Bristol Palin's pregnancy. What confuses me is that I've seen virtually NO coverage of it. It was mentioned in the early days, but then it seemed to drop off the radar. Admittedly, I don't watch TV, but I read CNN and Yahoo News, and listen to NPR during my commute.

Has anyone actually seen any such coverage, or is this just more of the McCain camp playing Palin as a victim? I guess as long as they portray her that way, they think they can keep people from noticing her astounding ignorance of the issues.
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apparently my contract is getting extended through at least the end of the year. it's already approved; only the formalities remain.
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Note: I'm writing people's names the Japanese way, with the family name first. I'm referring to characters by their family or given name based on how they were referred to in the show. Let me know if this is too confusing.

I was in the mood for something undemanding (no angsty love stories or hideous crimes), so I watched this five-year-old drama about a resort hotel.

Kougen e Irrashai means Welcome to the Highlands. )
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OK, you asked for it. I'm rusty, so this probably won't be as entertaining as one might hope.

So. I watch a lot of dorama, which is what the Japanese call TV dramas. It's not actually exclusively Japanese -- I also watch Korean and Taiwanese dramas. (I'd watch others but it's nearly impossible to find them with English subtitles.) Asian dramas don't usually run from season to season like ours do. They last for a certain number of episodes, and the storyline is wrapped up at the end. If the show is especially popular there may be a second or even third season, but they don't leave you with evil cliffhangers like American TV, which is one of the thing I appreciate about them. Japanese dramas are the shortest, usually lasting from 10-12 episodes, whereas Korean and Taiwanese ones often go as many as 17 episodes.

Most recently I watched a j-drama called Galileo, which is about an eccentric genius physicist who helps the police investigate mysterious crimes. Think Numbers meets X-Files. The crimes he helps investigate always involve what appears to be a supernatural phenomenon; that's the only aspect he cares about, but somehow he always ends up solving the case in the process anyway.

They jump the shark three minutes into the first episode. )
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I used to at least be able to write entertainingly about my depression. Why can't I do that anymore? What happened to my sense of humor? Because that's the only thing I've really got going for me in the personality sweepstakes. A few months after [livejournal.com profile] naomi_traveller stopped speaking to me, I stopped by her lj and found an entry where she gushed about a new friend she'd made and how nice it was to be around someone who was actually happy. Hey, it's not just my imagination, I really am a drag to be around. Great! Thanks for clearing that up!

I really need to find some way to get my ass out of the house more often. Right now I have nothing to talk about but Japanese TV. Do you want to hear about Japanese TV? No? Yeah, neither does anybody else. Go figure.

That said, I still cannot recommend Coffee Prince (which is actually Korean) highly enough. If you're actually interested for some bizarre reason, you can grab the torrent from here. That should be a complete batch of all 17 episodes plus the English subtitles. If you're on a Mac, it should be smart enough to decode the subtitles. If you're on Windows, download VLC Media Player. If you don't know how to use bittorrent, look it up, you're not a moron. If I can figure it out, so can you.
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paying back all the money i owe the IRS and various friends. from where i'm standing, it feels like it's going to take just about that long.
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the thing that's frustrating me most about my depression at the moment is that i've got so many friends who are Doing Things. they're taking martial arts classes, growing their own vegetables, camping in yurts, hunting wild mushrooms, going to Vegas, eating in fancy restaurants, designing a new house, playing tournament Scrabble, taking trips to Japan, etc., etc., ad infinitum.

i miss doing things. i used to do things all the time. i thought i was pretty depressed then, too, but it was nothing like this. just bathing in the morning seems like a massive effort.

depression forces you to live small. it's like living in a box that keeps shrinking. first there's no room for the world, then there's no room for other people, then there's no room for the basic tasks of life, and finally there's no room to move at all. that's when the air supply starts to run out.

i'm still moving. barely. i had a fairly productive weekend, in fact -- i even went to the farmer's market, the first time i've voluntarily gone out on a weekend in nearly two months. i just don't dare hope it's a sign that things are getting better. the hope demon and i are not on speaking terms. that bastard only ever makes things worse.


Aug. 18th, 2008 09:54 am
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Iceberg Slim's vet checkup went well -- there's absolutely nothing wrong with him. the numbers on all his tests were perfect, so that's one fewer thing for me to worry about. he did manage to scratch the hell out of both the vet and the vet tech. he did NOT appreciate getting his vaccinations. i fear he will not be as popular at that office as Daddy-O was.

in other news, it looks like i'm finally getting some real work to do, albeit for another department. they've got a 700-page manual they need updated. i won't be doing the writing, just plugging it into Frame and formatting it properly. their schedule is ridiculous, however -- three weeks for them to write all the changes and me to plug them in. it's just not going to happen. i couldn't make all those revisions in three weeks, and the guys who are writing them aren't even tech writers.

depression continues very bad, but it's hard to say how much of that is medication and how much is my complete lack of any kind of life outside of work. socializing just seems like such a *chore*, though. i wish i hadn't moved to south austin; it makes it so much more difficult to hang out with people. i'm more avoidant than ever -- i'm still going to bed way too early because all i really want to do is sleep. getting netflix has helped me stay up at least somewhat later, but i'm still in bed by 9 almost every night.

and since all the kids are doing it, here's my manga avatar:

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so. things continue as they have been: i'm depressed, i'm bored, i don't have enough to do at work, and my apartment is full of bugs. tonight i get to buy some ant baits to try to eliminate at least that infestation. fortunately, i haven't seen any roaches or palmetto bugs the last week or so.

i've found someone locally who will do what i need done to my carpet -- i need the corner where Daddy-O staged his protests torn up, the padding replaced, the concrete sealed, and the carpet itself steam cleaned. he only charges $25/room for steam cleaning, so i'm guessing his rates for the rest of it will be pretty reasonable. i'm hoping i can get away with only $200 or so to solve the problem. now i just have to call the guy.

i just made an appointment for Iceberg to get a vet checkup. cross your fingers for me -- i'm terrified they'll find something wrong with him, even though he seems perfectly healthy. a cat his age could have any number of health problems...

there are clients in the lab today, which means i need to look busy even though i have absolutely nothing to do. i cannot express in mere words how tiresome this is.
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I've been asked to replicate the style of some existing graphics, and I'm having a hard time figuring out exactly how they were done. My Illustrator skills are pretty rudimentary, so I'm wondering if anyone out there can tell me how it works.

JPG behind the cut )


Jul. 6th, 2008 08:23 pm
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Am I the only one who's offended by the phrase "you can't rape the willing"?


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