May. 23rd, 2008

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i've had no work to do at all this week. i managed to make about 5 minutes of work for myself when i stumbled across the documentation template, which was not in the "template" folder in the "documentation" directory as you might expect, but instead on the desktop buried among a ton of random crap the previous writer left there. i fixed all the errors in the boilerplate and read through it for clues on how to deal with some of the trickier formatting issues, but that's everything i've done since last thursday.

i had lunch with [ profile] peglegpete yesterday, since he came through Austin on his way to Burning Man Flipside. he was looking fine in his utilikilt and good conversation was had. i must say that i was unnerved by how much gray there is in his hair -- when did we all get so goddamn old?

20 years ago when i was still making my name in talk.bizarre, i never pictured myself still being friends with so many of its denizens after this much time. i didn't realize i was making friends for life, but now i can easily picture us still hanging out online (in whatever form the net may have taken by then) in another 20 years, and perhaps another 40 if we live that long. i find it comforting to know that no matter where i go, i'll always have this core group of friends online. (most of whom still will not have grown up. like me, for instance.)

in sad news, Robert Lynn Asprin died suddenly yesterday on his way to Marcon, but i can't find an actual news source for it yet.


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