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she's a beautiful cyborg who lusts for battle -- and devours the flesh of her enemies. pic behind the cut )
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with her incredible shrinking powers, she does reconaissance where no one else can go! there's just one catch: her clothes don't shrink with her... pic behind the cut )
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she is seen here in her super-identity as Miss Fire. pic behind the cut )
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by day, a mild-mannered supermodel. by night: Swamp Thing! pic behind the cut )
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with her amazing chameleon powers, she can blend in with her surroundings... more... )
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she need not fear alligators, because there's no flesh on her to eat! pic behind the cut )


Jul. 14th, 2005 03:13 pm
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yes yes yes yes yes! and it's about goddamn time, too. awaken, O Mystic Eye of Agamotto! let the Dark One again feel your sting of Truth and Light!

i'm quite upset, however, that Iron Fist [1] and Power Man aren't going to be in the same movie. could there be a more perfect moment in pop culture for the beloved Heroes for Hire? i don't think so! i mean, you've got the 70s angle, the blaxploitation angle, the kung fu angle, the superhero angle, the buddy angle... it's got everything, baby!

i'm telling you, Hollywood needs me.

[1] on the up side, once the movie is out, my joke about "iron tits: unlike two things of iron!" will be funny again for about five minutes.


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