Sep. 2nd, 2008

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paying back all the money i owe the IRS and various friends. from where i'm standing, it feels like it's going to take just about that long.
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I used to at least be able to write entertainingly about my depression. Why can't I do that anymore? What happened to my sense of humor? Because that's the only thing I've really got going for me in the personality sweepstakes. A few months after [ profile] naomi_traveller stopped speaking to me, I stopped by her lj and found an entry where she gushed about a new friend she'd made and how nice it was to be around someone who was actually happy. Hey, it's not just my imagination, I really am a drag to be around. Great! Thanks for clearing that up!

I really need to find some way to get my ass out of the house more often. Right now I have nothing to talk about but Japanese TV. Do you want to hear about Japanese TV? No? Yeah, neither does anybody else. Go figure.

That said, I still cannot recommend Coffee Prince (which is actually Korean) highly enough. If you're actually interested for some bizarre reason, you can grab the torrent from here. That should be a complete batch of all 17 episodes plus the English subtitles. If you're on a Mac, it should be smart enough to decode the subtitles. If you're on Windows, download VLC Media Player. If you don't know how to use bittorrent, look it up, you're not a moron. If I can figure it out, so can you.


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